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Meenakari Chowki- The Flavour Of Indian Culture

Posted by Admin on July, 06, 2021

Meenakari, one of the most cultured art forms of India. It is an art form in which surfaces of metals and ceramics is painted by enameling. It basically involves the dramatic motifs of birds, flowers etc and provide a decorative feature to vases, frames, ornaments or jewelleries. Such an art is also printed on the Chowki known as the Meenakari Chowki.

The Art of Meenakari
Meenakari is made from the combination of two words- Meena and Kari. Meena means paradise or heaven in Persian and Kari means to place it on something else. Altogether Meenakari means to place haven or paradise on any object by the beautiful art.
The Meenakari art was originated in Persia and was brought in India by the Mughals. It is mainly associated by the culture of Rajasthan and the main credit of development of this form of art goes to Raja Man Singh. Jaipur is said to be the hub of the Meenakari art and its handicraft is famous all over the globe.

The Meenakari art had been a source of livelihood for large number of skilled craftsman. Nowadays the art of Meenakari is been experimented on the number of products; one such product is the Meenakari Chowki. The real beauty of this art lies in the intensity of technical skills needed for its perfect creation of the designs.

Making of the Meenakari
The Meenakari art is designed by fusing the individual pieces of colored glass powders. The craftsmen use various mineral oxides to provide wide range of colours to the craft. They also use the powder of precious stones instead of glass powder in some circumstances. The stones are also useful in the coloring process. The craftsmen who design the Meenakari designs are called as the meenakars. These are generally working on hereditary basis. The art of Meenakari is very difficult to design and require very high skilled workers. It starts with the process of making the initial designs by the designers (Nacquash). Then with the help of the engravers (Kalamkars) and the enamelists the design is engraved on the metal surface. The metal is then kept at an average temperature of 850 degrees which helps in using the colors over the metal. The piece is then rubbed with a mixture of tamarind and lime, providing a lustrous shine to the surface. Then the stringer gives the final bit of work in the tiring process. The Meenakari work is completed hence.

Meenakari Chowki
The Meenakari Chowki manufacturer offers a comprehensive range of products. The chowki is generally made up of wood with four legs. The multicolor works over the surface of the chowki includes the Meenakari designs. The Chowki is built with the finest quality of the basic material. The technology used in such process is very advanced and equipped as per the standards laid down by the industries. The skilled craftsman offers a very clean and complex design of Meenakari on the chowkis. The outstanding designs and proper finishing resulted in the increased demands of the Meenakari Chowki. These chowkis are used as for the purpose of decor in various hotels and cottages. It gives a Rajput or Rajasthani look to the house in the most imaginative way.

Different designs of the Meenakari Chowki
The Meenakari Chowki is available in all designs of the Meenakari art. There are generally three forms of the designs- ek rang khula meena, panch rangi meena and the gulabi meena. The Ek Rang Khula Meena is exposed with a single transparent color. The Panch Rangi Meena is the combination of five colors (white, red, green, light blue and dark blue). The Gulabi Meena includes a pink blush of colors in the designs. All these forms are also used for making the Meenakari Chowki more colorful and attractive.

The Meenakari Chowki is in great demand today. It is exquisite, exclusive, very fine in quality and attractive in nature.

Benefits of using Meenakari Chowki
The Meenakari Chowki has a number of usages. It is used in the wedding occasions where the couple is made to sit on it. It is also used in poojas and at places of worships. They are more durable and can be used on daily basis. They need to be cleaned regularly for a longer longevity. The vibrant colors of the chowki make it more suitable for purposes like pooja, wedding functions etc. The handicraft Meenakari work enhances its beauty. It is cost effective in nature. If used properly it will work for years.

If you are a lover of traditional and cultural collections, the beautiful artwork of the Meenakari chowki can be a right alternative for you.

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