Latest Products Latest Products Sat, 02 Jul 2022 09:59:41 +0530 en-us Corporate Gifts Wed, 03 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Sant Premi Handicraft is one of the leading suppliers of wholesale corporate gifts in Gujarat, India. If you are a major and established company or a small company today, a corporate gift for all businesses is integral. Everyone likes unique corporate gifts, irrespective of whether you're in metro cities or level III cities in India. In addition, brands use corporate gifts to promote brand recognition, improve customer and partner relationships and build new partnerships. Being a corporate gifts manufacturer we deliver a wide variety of quality goods and corporate gifts according to your needs. If you're looking for budgetary corporate gifts, casual pieces, promotional business gifts and premiums, then Sant Premi Handicraft is your place. Buy your business partner a stunning and wonderful corporate gift. Enjoy these exclusive gifts at rates never before for your business partner. Our team consists of seasoned and trained professionals with extensive knowledge of IT and corporate talent to provide you with the best solution for your brand. In the pledge to ease your business requirements and to be the most trusted source of branded solutions in India, we put all common branded products suited for corporate gifts together. It is a forum to link all the quality assured branded goods that are available for bulk supply, enabling corporations to access, compare and pick the best choice. Our staff experts are prepared to satisfy your promotional products with hundreds of products currently online and access to thousands of products. Corporate gifts are well known in India as festivals are held during the year. Something special is required at all these special events including Diwali, Dussehra, Holi and Christmas. The only best choice is a great gift. The new year is an opportunity celebrated in this period by companies and various companies. Special order solutions, products created for and developed for you; Branding and customisation, incentives and awareness programs; donation/packaging solutions; logistics services and much more! We offer products that match your own brand; management of loyalty programs and total brand development! Pooja Thali Wed, 03 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Sant Premi Handicraft has a reputation in the industry and is a silver-plated pooja thali manufacturer in Rajkot with the highest quality. Buy round pooja thali and bring your pooja room elegance and beauty by buying this high-quality, lightweight and easy-to-be keep brass pooja thali package. This thali, made of high-quality brass, can be used at the best cost. This is greatly appreciated by customers for its bright finish and elegant appearance, which make it a fascinating choice. The thali provided in the houses and temples are widely used and spiritual, and they will certainly please the eyes of the spectators. Pooja thali set is the requirement that also makes it perfect gifts. We have decorative sets of pooja thali with other goodies for you. It is a sophisticated pooja thali collection, and for these sets of leading brands, we give you shopping convenience. You might also get discounts when you purchase them online on such spiritual products. Pooja Thali is used to maintain the artefacts used during rituals. We provide our esteemed customers with beautifully decorated pooja plates. The plates are manufactured from premium materials. In different sizes and patterns, we produce pooja thali. These dishes are offered at affordable rates. In the specified time limit, we place bulk orders and fulfil them easily. The thali offered is crafted creatively by a team of expert designers using the finest materials from approved market vendors. The thali that we provide is widely used for the preservation of different pooja objects in houses, temples and other locations. Thanks to its extraordinary nature and perfect finish, our customers are famous for the beautifully made Pooja Thali Collection. Our payment terms are clear and we recommend that clients comply with them. In highly built and spacious spaces we hold the finished range of goods. This helps us to maintain safe and sorted items. With a robust metal body and a polished finish, our decorative Pooja Thali has a long service life. Pooja Chowki Wed, 03 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Sant Premi Handicraft is a well-established company in Gujarat, India. We provide our customers with the best pooja Chowki at an affordable price. We are the best wooden pooja chowki manufacturer and supplier. We ensure that our products meet the needs of our customers and clients. The products that we supply are of good quality. We manufacture these products using quality raw materials from reliable and trusted vendors. We ensure that these products are made with the best quality raw materials and the latest machines under the supervision of experts. We want our customers and clients to get the best products always. Amazing Design The pooja chowki of our company has amazing designs and colour which people love. Our products have gained much popularity in the market due to the quality and look. Quality Control We have the latest machines to check the quality of our products. We ensure that our products meet the expectations of our customers and clients. Our Team To ensure the growth and progress of our company, we have recruited a highly qualified and talented group of professionals. Our staff is hired after the thorough judgment of their professional background and their capabilities. Our members are allotted to different units where the procured products are kept and tested on various parameters. Our team members work in coordination to carry out the activities efficiently and swiftly. Besides enhancing their skills we keep them updated with the latest trends that are prevailing in the industry. Order our products online in the required quantity and get them delivered on time. Why Choose Us? • Skilled and qualified professionals. • Quality assured products. • Timely deliveries. • Well-maintained machines and tools • Hygienic packaging. Therefore choose us and get our services today. We provide our customers with the best services at an affordable price. For more details and information call us. We will answer all your answers and will help you solve all your problems. We are the best Marble Pooja chowki in Gujarat, India. Meenakari Chowki Wed, 03 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Sant Premi Handicraft is the leading meenakari chowki manufacturer offering a comprehensive range of products. The chowki provided by our trustworthy suppliers is built using the finest quality basic material and advanced equipment in accordance with the laid down industrial standards. Due to its attractive style, shine and finish, our chowki offering is highly appreciated by our customers. This is what we deliver to our customers within the prescribed time frame at industry leading rates. Our products are designed with outstanding raw material content and advanced technology from our skilled craftsmen. Because of our artists' huge effort, we have succeeded in keeping with changing customers demand and creating creative thali on the market. We also assure our customers that different parameters of consistency are checked in the range offered. We are considered to be a reliable antique meenakari chowki supplier in Rajkot, India with superior quality. These chowkis are highly appreciated by their manufacturing according to the current industry developments on the market for outstanding designs and finishing aspects. We use materials and technologies effectively, making them appealing and fashionable. We deliver a premium quality range from Meenakari Chowki, taking into account the constantly developing needs of our valued customers. The selection of meenakari Chowki is considered to be produced in compliance with industry standards and guidelines for quality maintenance purposes. The market's preference is very high, priced at the most affordable rate possible. The provided selection is furthermore built as attractively as possible. We are a company based in Gujarat that provides superb Meenakari Chowki. We offer our services. Our Meenakari Chowki is made and constructed with the use of superior quality metal, copper, etc. In apartments, hotels, and more Meenakari Chowki is commonly used as decor. Meenakari Chowki has been built to give it a Rajput look in the most imaginative way. Kuran Boxes Tue, 09 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 We are engaged in the fabrication of a wide range of Kuran Box at Sant Premi Handicraft as a handcrafted Quran Boxes supplier in Gujarat India. The holy religious books are read by this means. This box can be used as a Holy Kuran Box. In order to meet the diverse needs of clients, we build our craftsmen box products in different shapes and sizes. The exquisite finishes, low weight and strength are all highlighted in our Kuran Boxes. These creative products are the craftsmanship of our qualified workers. The box is used for placing and protecting the Kuran. It is created from brown wood and bronze in shadowy resin with various designs. It's a unique item, well designed to suit the décor of your home. This attractive item is a fine statement in any decoration on the table. The item catches your attention and enhances your home We have a number of decorative objects, including ceramic, crystal and plastic, which can be incorporated into your collection. This handcrafted Kuran box is custom made from master craftsmen's best wood. This is thoughtfully made with clear Kalimas on every side of the box. The handmade Kuran Box is multifunction, in which the book can be kept up on top of the box. It is made with the finishing of wood and velvet. You can put the Kuran Book on your hold to keep it in clear view and allow access, and you would be quite pleased that this way you could do your prayers each and every day even when going to read from the divine book. As a wooden Kuran Box manufacturer, we ensure that the design is excellent with Muslim art, wrapped in Islamic quotes. This lovely Kuran storage box is ideal for any home or office. The case holds a medium-sized Kuran and is quite beautiful and elegant. It can be a wonderful wedding or graduation gift idea or for any other event. Paper Dry Fruit Boxes Wed, 03 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Round Wooden Dry Fruit Boxes Wed, 03 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Sant Premi Handicraft is a round wooden dry fruit boxes manufacturer supplier in Rajkot, India. Our wooden dry fruit box is ideal for storing and serving recruits and for cooking, table decoration and a centrepiece of your guests. The store of spices, dried fruits, jewellery and other small items has many uses. The dry fruit can be stored. These crafted boxes consist of fine wood, pure metals, valuable stones, and sensitive mirrors to optimize your gift. It increases your respect and your affection and good wishes for your loved ones. Beautiful handmade boxes of dry fruit have been used since the dawn of civilization. The boxes are a source of goodwill and grace for the home – whether they're big handmade dry fruit boxes or tiny and beautiful boxes for home decorations or gifts. It looks elegant when you display your love in those lovely boxes that have been sculpted by our professionals. They show your precious love and express your affection and desire. Our experts produce outstanding dry fruit boxes of a wide range for various occasions. In order to satisfy the changing demands of our clients, We are committed to supplying a wider range of wood designers with dry fruit boxes. It is perfect for home decor, table and centrepiece for your guests. This is a multifunctional case, which can be used to store spices, dried fruit and preserve jewellery. We have been selling a wide variety of woodwork to suit our clients' different requirements. Our Wood Handicrafts range is beautifully crafted with a great emphasis on finish and style. Regardless of holiday or Diwali, eid or Christmas, holidays, mother's day, wedding, marriage, retirement, promotion, homegrown festivals and public promotional events – dry fruit forms an integral part of all Indian and world tradition. We have carved a niche with a wide range of Dry Fruit boxes, among the most trusted names in this business. Our company is one of the well-known names in the wooden dry fruit box industry. In addition, at nominal rates, we present our clients this selection. Square Wooden Dry Fruit Boxes Wed, 03 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Sant Premi Handicraft is committed to providing a large array of wooden dry fruit box in order to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers. It is great in front of your guests for your kitchen accessories and table and centrepiece. It is a multifunctional case that can be used to store herbs, dry fruit and maintain jewellery and other small things. We sell a wide range of square wooden dry fruit boxes in Gujarat, India to meet the various requirements of our customers. With a great deal of focus on finish and style, our Wood Handicrafts collection is beautifully designed. Whether it be Holi or Diwali, eid or Christmas, holiday, mothers day, wedding, retirement, promotion, homemade celebrations, retirement celebrations and public promotions, dry fruit is a component of all Indian and world rituals and customs. A wooden dry fruit box is used to store and serve recruits and it's suitable for your guests' kitchens, table decoration and centrepiece. It has many uses to store spice, dry fruit, jewellery and other small products. It can be used to store dry fruit. These handmade boxes are made of fine wood, pure metals, precious stones, and sensitive mirrors that enhance your gift. It improves your respect and shows your love for your loved ones and best wishes. From the beginning of civilization, beautiful handmade dry fruit boxes are used. These boxes have become a source of charity and grace for the home – be they huge hand-made dry fruit boxes or small and impressive boxes for home decoration or gifting purposes. It looks stylish when in those beautiful boxes that were carved by our professional hands you present your love. They show your love for your precious and communicate your love and wish. For various occasions, our professionals produce impressive dry fruit boxes of great variety. Octagonal Wooden Bajot Wed, 03 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Sant Premi Handicraft is an octagonal wooden Bajot manufacturer supplier in Rajkot, India, and everything about our Bajot is so phenomenal and charming. Perhaps the only thing to fit in every style your home has embraced is the low-slung stool. This piece of furniture, be it contemporary or racial, will uplift and raise your bigger pieces to elegant height. For a wooden Bajot online, make sure you have a trustworthy name that gives you stellar handcrafts and designs like no other. You can buy a wooden Bajot for many purposes and carry it around. You may take the subtle Bajot for many varied needs from a wooden Bajot for puja or prayers to a Bajot for sitting. This low stool will carry a rich design feature into your home with its various styles of shoes and cravings. First, we immediately think about a wooden Bajot for a puja when we see or think of a Bajot that can be used for prayers. You should put it on the ground and put your statues and other objects on it. Imagine this octagonal Bajot with a beautiful mat that illuminates the corner. Put in some flowers and give this room a zen-like meditative calm which can lead you to lose yourself like none other in introspection and prayer. In each corner of the sitting room, decorative chowki can be used in pairs, so that large decorative vases or brass urns can be placed on them. Not only will the room look nice but also offer your space a luxury lift that will provide asymmetrical balance. You'd like to select Bajot with various shapes such as octagons and squares or even circles. The carving at the bottom periphery and the legs should be selected carefully so that they fit the overall theme of the living area. Place the chowki with mats and place the vases or urns on top of them with tiny white and crystal likes. Square Wooden Bajot Wed, 03 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Sant Premi Handicraft is a square wooden Bajot manufacturer and our Bajot is all so fascinating and charming. The low-slung stool may be the only item that fits into any style that is in your home. This contemporary or ethnic piece of furniture can uplift and elegantly boost your bigger pieces. Make sure you have a trustworthy name for a wooden Bajot online, which gives you stellar crafts and designs like no others. A wooden Bajot can be purchased and transported for several purposes. You can take this subtle Bajot from a wooden Bajot to a puja or prayer to a Bajot to sit. With their different types of shoes and cravings, these small pieces of furniture carry a rich design function. We are a wholesale square wooden Bajot supplier in Rajkot, India and very much enthusiastic about offering our customers quality approved Bajot due to our knowledge of this business sector. First, when we see and think of a Bajot of wood that can be used for prayers, we automatically think of a puja. You should put your statues and other things on it. You should put it on the ground. Imagine this Bajotwith a lovely corner mat. Put in some flowers and give the room a yogic like meditative peace, so that in introspect and prayer, you can lose yourself like no other. Decorative Bajot can be used in pairs in each corner of the sitting room to position large decorative vases or brass urns. The room not only looks good but also provides your space with a luxurious lift that provides the harmony. You want to choose shapes like octagons, squares or even circles. The carving on the lower edges and the legs should be carefully chosen to match the entire concept. Put the Bajot on the top of it with tiny white crystal-like tiles and vases or urns. Wooden Key Holder Wed, 03 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Sant Premi Handicraft is a wooden key holder manufacturer offering these products in personalized sizes We have in-house high-tech amenities to ensure that our goods are kept secure before their final delivery. Our modern logistics facilities enable us to meet customers' delivery deadlines. As a quality centred business, we produce and deliver a high-quality collection of decorative wooden key holders. These main holders are produced using high-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art technology. Our decorative wood key holder is also available at leading prices on the market. We are the leading producer and wholesale wooden key holders Gujarat in Rajkot India. A definite quality control system allows us to produce a top-quality wooden key holder consignment. We have been able to deliver a selection of designer Key Holder with the aid of our dexterous team members. These are made from primary raw materials originating from genuine vendors. Our art is available in a variety of styles and configurations according to customer requirements. They are resistant to corrosion and are known for their high performance and easy maintenance. A key carries a lot of secrets. It helps to conceal from the rest of the world your gems and other treasures. It opens doors for most of life, including your house, car, and so forth. All she has to do is to maintain a robust keyholder. You can select from us a wide variety of key holders. Whether it's a wall key holder, cum key holder, key holders, wooden key holder, multipurpose holder, key box, key holder shelf, cabinet holder, key holder type box, hook key holder, key holder cum bracket, you can find a wide range of key holders to fit your specific style and requirements. We have a lot to choose from for you. If you're looking for metallic, wood, pottery or other materials, or styles such as classic, colonial and eclectic key holders, we've got them all. Decorative Wedding Tray Wed, 03 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 We at Sant Premi Handicraft are one of the legitimate Wooden Wedding Tray Manufacturers providing top quality products at reasonable prices. Due to their top characteristics, our goods are extremely admired on the market. Our suppliers in a wide range of gift packaging products are well established. These products come from accredited market vendors that comply with industry standards. Our selection of products can be personalized in different styles and colour combinations according to the demands of our customers. Our customers enjoy these for their characteristics, such as unique designs, smooth finishing and fine texture. It must be beautiful if all is charming and exciting in a wedding, how can a wedding tray go bland and insipid. All the wedding preparations are essential, regardless of their size or their size. And the tray used to bear marriage rings ought to be as exquisite as the marriage. Its elegant looks make it lovely. Our tray is specially made to upgrade the decorations for your wedding. The body of the tray is well laid out. Perfect for marriage and gifts. Stylish and fashionable, nutritious and lasting food. Lustre and classic looks are produced by embossed graphics. We sell a magnificent selection of decorative wedding tray in Gujarat, India. These are specifically designed to package products such as sarees in a more attractive way. Sarees are India's traditional appeal and are very common wedding and other ceremonies gift pieces. A beautiful saree can therefore leave an impression in clean packaging. We're one of the leading traders of an exclusive collection of designers trays. These trays are manufactured with high-quality raw materials during construction. These trays are designed in accordance with current market trends, which enables us to achieve full customer satisfaction. The wedding trays we sell are a unique way to show your loved ones a gift or something. The trays are very common in marriages. The whole trousseau can be customized according to the theme. PINK DRY FRUIT BOX Thu, 23 Dec 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Silver Jarman clasic wooden dry fruit box Thu, 23 Dec 2021 00:00:00 +0530 jarman oxidised silver dry fruit box new look like  warioant fine finishing super quality wooden matirieal suka meva store boxe 4 compartment very impresive for weding gift parposed used all over globle impex priority boxise "santpremi handicraft " Largest saling & manufacturing bissinesh with trusted confidansial  Rehal Para Petti Thu, 23 Dec 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Aplicable uses for fifa ,para & quran book no.3 store in and more islamic items stores box parposed used sant premi  handicraft alwas making quran items and much more inovation quran boxes make every year new quran design lunce evaryday new ideias and make Thank you for business with us. Fifa Para Petti Quran Para Storeg Box Thu, 23 Dec 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Used aplicable for fifa para Storeg Nurani Quran Box Tue, 11 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0530 This is noorani quran shari box matirial is highest velvet fabric using and decorative flawers gold matt fiber  like new louncing product quran box 5 colour available credit manufacturing by santpremi handicraft all coppyrihgts reserved.